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2024 Professional Nominations

Now Being Accepted!

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Nikita Koniukhov

Nikita Koniukhov is a multidisciplinary dance artist with a remarkable track record in Ballroom, Latin, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and Folk dance. Nikita is a winner of numerous international competitions and festivals in Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, and Ukraine.


Nikita moved to the USA and joined the DC DanceSport Academy just two years ago. Under his tutelage, students have achieved prestigious titles in International Latin and American Smooth styles and performed in many competitions across the United States.


Nikita Koniukhov's extensive experience and knowledge span all dance styles, making him a versatile and accomplished instructor, who helps his students to achieve their maximum potential.

Kateryna Lifintseva

Kateryna Lifintseva is a distinguished graduate of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, where she earned her degree in Dance Sports Coaching.


She has a rich history of participating in international ballroom dancing competitions and has experience working with dancers of all ages.

Kateryna Lifintseva has a background in choreographing and staging weddings and show numbers. ​Her diverse background and dedication to the art of dance make her a valuable asset to any event, including the prestigious DC Dancing Stars Gala.

Vladislav Robatsenko

Beginning his dance journey at the age of nine, Vladislav Robatsenko won his first DanceSport title as National Estonian Champion at 12. Throughout his career in Estonia, he earned the title of National Estonian Amateur Champion multiple times.


In 2018, Vladislav’s passion for dance brought him to the United States, where he joined the DC DanceSport Academy. His teaching skills and commitment to his students’ success led to a permanent instructor position in 2019.


Vladislav has guided several of his students to remarkable success in the Pro-Am category, achieving prestigious titles such as US Pro-Am National Champion, World Pro-Am Champion, and World DanceSport Series Pro-Am Champion.


Proficient in all ballroom styles, Vladislav now competes as a pro in the American Smooth Professional division with great success.

Nancy Flores (Nonci Tirado)

Nancy Flores, known in the ballroom dance world as Nonci Tirado, is delighted to make her comeback at the DC Dancing Stars Gala 2024! Previously, she partnered with Darren Haynes in 2018, and he secured the Judges’ Choice Award which benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project.


Nancy is a versatile artist, boasting a former career as a Latin-ballroom dance champion with numerous US titles. She has also graced the stage with the Washington National Opera in over 15 productions. Beyond her performance career, Nancy is celebrated as an award-winning choreographer, known for her dance film projects showcased in the US and Argentina.


Driven by her passions for psychology, literature, and nature, Nancy finds endless inspiration in the profound human journey of life, love, and hope.

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